Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember Involve me, I'll understand.

As rightly captured in this saying, at Mileage, our rich training repository is based on framework which is regarded as one of the best learning models the world over. We believe in nurturing our talent pool throughout their career lifecycle so that we can address their specific learning and development needs.

At Mileage, you can learn not just your day-to-day job, but where you’re challenged and provided the right training to take on new responsibilities. This is the way, our leaders also receive training!

In the Logistics industry, understanding and meeting the customer requirements in an efficient manner is of paramount importance. Unless the person is a team-player, the cumulative success to garner the trust from the customer is a distant reality. We provide the skill sets to build and elevate the focus on ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and ‘Team Building’. At Mileage, we have always explored striking synergies while respecting the individual talent to drive our company objectives, profitabili-ty and even achieving breakthroughs when it comes to handling every project - big or small in which we are involved in. On-the-job training programs as well as off-the-job or vestibule training programs have been the hallmark of our people’s policy at Mileage.

Logistics industry is transforming rapidly. From airports, ports and conventional methodologies to the new reforms and digital avenues in trade facilitation such as Big Data and IoT, immense oppor-tunities are opening up in this industry. Mileage has already initiated this ambitious journey into the future. Newer talent pool from the premier management and technology institutes in the country is steadily leading & guiding us in this massive transformation.

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Mileage Career Stories

I started my career in 1995 with the logistics industry. I joined Mileage in Oct 2015 after working for about a decade in MNC logistics giant. Before joining Mileage, I had the exposure only in Air Freight. However, Mileage gave me the learning ground to understand and handle multiple services viz. Ocean Freight, Road Transportto name a few. I was also able to learn details about Customs, Documentation in addition to only Air Freight as in my previous work profile. Currently, I am handling Air Freight import as well as Air Freight Export operations. The ever so helpful team of colleagues and guidance from my superiors helped me to grow and have a respectable career in the logistics industry. On-job training at Mileage empowered me to be confident and face any challenges. Mileage as an organisation understands the potential of their employee, train them and help them grow with the organisation.

Yogesh Ghag

I am looking after the sales and marketing profile with Mileage Logistics for more than two-and-a-half years. Immense exposure to local market, local vendor management forms is the fundamental strength of Mileage Logistics that was the critical factor enticing me to join Mileage. I was getting limited opportunities in these areas in my previous work profile as a Business Development Manager with an MNC. My journey with Mileage has been exciting so far. I could get the opportunity to learn many new things during my stint here, and it continues every single day! At Mileage, I could learn and enhance my efficiency in pricing, vendor management, overseas agent coordination. It has opened up my thinking regarding various aspects of the business. I am confident that the years ahead are going to be more exciting and rewarding for the organisation.

K V Satish